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There are few feelings as comforting as stepping out of bed and sinking your bare feet into a lush new carpet. Carpets are not just carpet; there in the home to match the décor, they also add to your enjoyment of the space and create an inviting, welcoming environment that family and friends can kick back in. However, as time slips by those bright, fluffy threads beneath our feet can become worn.

Here at 925, those in the Tri-Valley area will find a local professional service provider that has resorted thousands of carpets to their former glory over the past 20 years.

While you might believe that your only option is to tear up that once luxurious carpet and spend your savings on a replacement, at 925, we believe that in our hands your stained, grubby carpet can be brought back from the brink to give you that warm, cozy feeling that you enjoyed. 

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Professional Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We are a multi-skilled local company and also provide commercial carpet cleaning services to businesses in the area.

It goes without saying that anywhere you have a gathering of people for up to or beyond 8 hours per day, there is a multitude of ways carpets can become soiled and breeding grounds for poor air quality. It is just as important for employees to know that they are walking into a clean, safe and healthy work environment as it is for them to arrive home and know that their home is not the cause of any negative health issues they may be experiencing.

So, whether you are a homeowner who wants that wonderful softness beneath their feet again, or someone who believes a deep carpet clean could improve their health problems, or a business owner who wants to invest in their image and the well-being of their employees, look no further than 925 . We have solutions to meet all of your needs.

We look forward to looking after your home or business carpets, and we promise nothing less than an exceptional, friendly service that will return your threads to their former glory.

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Whether you are a small, medium or large business, investing in our professional cleaning service achieves a number of positive things for your company. First of all, employees appreciate a clean environment.
Second, the cost is far outweighed by the time saved by delegating this work to 925 Carpet Cleaning.
Third, clients and guests who visit your premises will walk away with a positive impression of your business. Dirt and grime and carpets that look like they haven’t been cleaned since they were put down make a bad first impression.

Fortunately for those in Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley area, 925 is here to ensure that you make a good first impression, every time.

Advantages of Pro Carpet Cleaning

We know what you’re thinking, I can just go out and rent a cleaning unit, or buy the necessary cleaning products and do just as good a job and save myself a lot of cash by doing it myself.

The reality of taking this approach is that no matter what equipment or cleaning products you buy, you will always be at a disadvantage compared to a professional.

At 925, we have invested in what we do over the past two decades, which means that while we are not only highly trained, we use equipment that will deliver vastly superior results. You could clean your carpet and feel proud of the results, however, within a short space of time that old familiar look and smell will return.

The reason why is simple, our equipment is designed to ensure a thorough, deep clean, that roots out all dirt, stains, odours and embedded grit, whereas DIY efforts will usually only address the surface issue, making things appear like they are pristine, when in fact the problem is still right there, entrenched in the fibres. Those who choose to save instead of invest in a professional service also risk the possibility of doing more damage to their carpet through misuse of products or equipment and encourage the growth of mold by failing to thoroughly dry it.

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Carpet Cleaning Benefits

We believe that there is more to cleaning carpets than just making them look good again. A carpet incurs a lot of dirt, bacteria and all kinds of grime as it is trampled in on the soles of footwear.

It is important that those who put down carpets in their home think of the effects of pollution and hygiene and how your flooring may, in fact, be polluting the air that you and your loved ones breathe. If the air we draw into our lungs is full of impurities it can lead to difficulties where breathing is concerned, which for those who suffer from asthma poses a serious risk due to decreased lung function.

As such, we encourage customers to consider our services as a means to rid your home of pollen, food particles, bacteria, dead skin cells and dust mites, all of which can aggravate allergies and weaken immune systems, particularly in children and the elderly.

Mildew and mold will grow in carpets, and studies have proven that when the latter is inhaled into the lungs, it produces spores that can lead to serious health complications. Dust mites cannot be seen by the human eye because they are so small, but once they are present in a carpet their faeces can be inhaled, which is something nobody even wants to think about.

If you have pets in your home the likelihood of additional pollutants getting into your carpets and potentially contaminating the air you breathe is that bit much higher. At 925, we offer free in-home estimates to those in the Pleasanton and Tri-Valley area, so that we can tailor our service to your needs, instead of offering a ‘one-size-fits-all’ generic service.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

925 did a magnificent job with my carpets. They were efficient, timely and left my carpets looking like new. Highly recommend Mike.

Joseph D.

I never realized how dirty my rugs were until Mike showed me the before and after photos. The difference was astonishing! My rugs look brand new again so hoping they’ll stay that way!

Eric B.

I called Mike to clean my area rug and my  ottoman in the living room and I was very satisfied with the results. I don’t have to use throws on my sofa anymore which is a joy! Thanks Mike.

Barbara S.

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