If your household includes children or pets, you know how difficult it is to protect your carpet. Inevitably, your carpet will endure countless spills, stains, and years of wear and tear. 

So, how can you prevent damage? Can you minimize the damage that has already been done? As Pleasanton’s most trusted carpet cleaning company, let us help you!

To start, you’ll want to opt for a family-friendly carpet that is made with durable, high-quality material that can withstand years of use regardless of your family’s size.

Carpets to Consider

Since purchasing a carpet is an investment, you’ll need to make sure that your chosen carpet meets your family’s needs. One of the easiest ways to narrow down the options is to decide on purchasing a synthetic carpet, as they tend to be much harder than those made of natural materials. Here are two of the best kinds of synthetic carpets. 

ariel shot of children coloring on carpet


Nylon is a popular carpet choice. In addition, it’s ideal for households with toddlers, pets, and clumsy teens who are prone to spilling their drinks, throwing food, and leaking body fluids around the house.

Nylon carpets are sturdy and known for holding their shape. It is, however, on the more expensive and, while this can be an obstacle for some households, it’s always an obstacle that homeowners are glad they found their way around. 


If you’re looking for a stain-resistant carpet, you might be feeling overwhelmed. No worries! Polyester is a great default option. It provides a certain softness that is unmatched by other carpet types and has incredible stain resistance. Another benefit of polyester carpet is that many contain recycled materials, which makes them eco-friendly. 

Other Factors to Consider

When deciding between a polyester and a nylon carpet, there are a few additional factors that you might want to consider. 

Carpet shade 

Looking for a new carpet for the play room, or a kid’s bedroom? Be sure to find a carpet that can hold up for a long time! To ensure that your carpet won’t end up looking ratty and old within a matter of months, consider your carpet’s color before you buy it.

Both light and very dark colors are prone to showing stains; carpets with medium shades tend to be the safest option.

Dark carpets showcase hair, crumbs, and debris, while light carpets are just asking to be stained. Neutral, medium colors like blue, grey, and light brown are great colors to go for. Although these colors can seem boring, they actually do wonders for small spaces, making them look larger and brighter. 

Household traffic

While not all areas of the home require a kid-proof carpet (such as mom or dad’s office), most do.

This being said, you need to decide if your carpet will be seeing a high amount of foot traffic or if you can get away with installing a carpet that has less resistance to traffic-related damage.

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