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So, first of all, let us explain what a table runner is and then we’ll explain what you need to look out for when choosing the perfect one for your home.

At its most basic, a stair runner is a piece of carpet that runs along the length of your stairs but does not generally cover the entire width of each step.

Runners are usually used over top of hardwood or tile stairs and are, in many cases, necessary for safety reasons. There are a wide variety of runners to choose from, but you don’t want to choose just an old carpet runner for your stairs.

carpet runner rolled up

Instead, follow our simple buying guide and find the perfect runner for you. 


It’s not uncommon to see patterned stair runners – they are beautiful, eye catching, and protect your stairs from wear and tear.

However, some patterns won’t look the same on stairs as they do in the hallway or on other long, flat surfaces. Because of the way runners bend when they are on the stairs, certain patterns can end up looking squished and distorted. 

Generally, it’s a good idea to avoid diamond, square, and other geometric designs when you’re trying to find the best carpet runner for your stairs. In addition to the risk of looking less attractive on the stairs, patterns like this also require a lot of precision to install – even the slightest off measurement can ruin an otherwise attractive carpet runner. 

Floral and orietal patterns are a great option for stair runners, as they are less likely to become distorted and don’t require the same precise installation that more intricate patterns do. Alternatively, if you’re worried about ruining your stairs with the wrong carpet runner, you can always go for a solid colored carpet.


How wide should your carpet runner be? It depends on the width of your staircase. A good way to figure out the right width of carpet runner for your stairs is by measuring the width of your stairs and taking roughly 3 inches off the measurement. This measurement (the total width minus three inches) should be used when fitting your carpet runner. 

The reason for this is that if your runner is too small, you will feel compelled to walk only on the narrow strip of runner. If it is too big, the carpet runner can overpower your stairs. For extremely wide stairs, it’s best to have a  professional take the measurements and figure out what size of carpet runner is ideal.


One popular option for carpet runners is to only cover the treading of these staircases. The tread is the part of the stair that the foot makes contact with, and when it’s the only part of the stair covered, it can create a unique, modern look. You’ll need to decide whether you want to cover only the treads or the entire staircase. 


Underpads are thin pieces of carpet that are placed underneath of carpets to provide a bit of extra cushioning. Although they are small and don;t make a ton of difference, carpet runners should still have them.

This being said, you’ll need to measure your underpads so they aren’t too big or small for your chosen runner, and make sure that they are installed correctly. 

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