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925: Janitorial Cleaning Tri-Valley Businesses Can Trust In 

The importance of keeping a clean workplace cannot be understated. Your work environment is the place that your employees will spend a huge part of their daily lives and, for customers, it acts in the same way as a business card. That is, they get a sense of what to expect from you and your company based on what they see.

Here at 925, we are a local service provider who offers affordable janitorial and office cleaning.

Since our inception in 1999, we have serviced businesses both large and small in Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley area, bringing our renowned trustworthy, professional capabilities to those who believe in sustaining a work environment that is simultaneously presentable and hygienic.

We appreciate that office manager and business owners simply do not always have the time to go through the options and figure out exactly what their office will need so we come to you.

That’s right, we offer free estimates that are based on the needs of your premises, thereby eliminating the possibility of services you do not require, while affording us the opportunity to introduce ourselves!

Professional Cleaning Services

Even if you are a small business owner who perhaps feels that they can handle the janitorial side of things on top of everything else they do, or if you are a bigger business that simply has not found a suitable commercial cleaning company, there are benefits to hiring a professional service that is worth considering.

Do you really want your employees to have to add vacuuming and scrubbing to their already busy schedules?

Of course not, which is why when you hire an office cleaning service, this allows your staff, and you, to focus on your work.

An added benefit is that when employees work in a clean and organized office they feel more productive. There is no clutter around to distract from what they are doing so your bottom line improves. Morale is also increased which means a happier workforce.

Floor cleaning services make up part of what we do at 925. Maintaining clean work surfaces and floors is vital in terms of preventing bacterial contamination and the spreading of nasty germs.

If you are working in an environment that has a build-up of dust, grime or even stains from food and drink, this can all increase the likelihood of illness spreading in the office, because it creates breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses.

Keeping things clean reduces illness, which thereby improves your absence rates. It’s a win-win!

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Office Cleaning Services

So, when it comes to the hygiene and cleanliness of your office, it is always worth picking up the phone and getting in touch with us.

We are specialists when it comes to janitorial cleaning and tailor our office solutions to your business.

Businesses, schools and organizations of all types in Pleasanton City and the Tri-Valley area are already reaping the benefits of our exceptional service, and we hope to count you among our valued customers in the near future.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I have hired 925  for several years and I have absolutely nothing but high praise for the 925 cleaners that clean all my offices.

Mark D.

I manage a very large apartment complex and I trust Mike and his team to do an excellent job each month. They always over deliver and they are a great bunch of guys.

Jerry B.

Would highly recommend these guys as they’re super flexible and are always willing to fit me in at short notice.

Samantha L.

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